The people behind our social media campaigning: Why we care!

You may have noticed the sudden increase in Facebook posts and social media campaigning that have recently increased, as the event gets closer.

You also may or may not know that Joe is the course leader of Digital Marketing MSc at Liverpool John Moores University. He is currently teaching us for our campaign management module. This module requires us to carry out a digital campaign for an organisation or company. In this case we were given the opportunity to help Joe and the team out with their social media campaign for their charity cycle ride from Malin to Mizen in June, and we jumped at the chance to get involved, especially as we can help such an important cause as Marie Curie.

So who are we?

We are a team of students studying at Liverpool John Moores University made up of Alex Ferguson, Chelsey Gaston, Steve Malone, Thomas Jennings and Daisy Woodward-Smith, carrying out a masters in Digital Marketing, and might we add are very much enjoying the course!

Why we want to help?

We all have varied different experience of digital marketing so this opportunity is really valuable to us and we are very excited that Joe has let us get involved with this. Of course this is not the only reason we wanted to get involved. One of the main reasons is because of the fantastic charity Marie Curie of whom the team are doing it in aid of.  Some of us have our own personal experiences of friends or family that have had terminal illnesses so we know that the work Marie Curie continue to do is vital for the patients and family of those who need there care and support.

We are really enjoying helping Joe and the team and are very grateful to them for allowing us to get involved. We especially had fun few weeks back helping out at the fundraiser at O’Neil’s pub on Grand National weekend. Was great to see so much support for a great cause.

We hope you are enjoying the content we are posting on the Facebook page. In the meantime if you aren’t already why not follow the other social media channels for more great content and updates!

Why not donate now while you’re here? 😀

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