Grand National Fundraiser

As you would probably already know by now, Joe McGrath, Peter Mimnagh, Damien Nolan, Fred Cleary and Gerry Lilley are all cycling the length of Ireland on behalf of the charity Marie Curie, dedicating the ride to the friends we have lost over the past two years to cancer and also the carers who supported them. As we are very friendly with the owner of O’Neill’s bar in Liverpool, a bucket charity collection was arranged to take place from Thursday 6th of April until Saturday the 8th of April. Joe decided to do this on the dates that corresponded with the Grand National event at Aintree (north Liverpool).

The event was a huge success; over the three days the team managed to collect an impressive £2033 as well as 48 euros, from what I’m guessing was from hydrated Irish folk. I was only there on the Saturday night, but from my experience the people involved (customers, door men, pub associates) were all fantastic. They were not once rude, and what was nice was how apologetic people were when they didn’t have the change in order to donate. The people who did donate were brilliant, often sharing how they have been positively affected/effected by Marie Curie and how we were fighting for a noble cause. This made me feel great. The customers of the pub made the night even more memorable; you had people dressed in ball room like clothing, and then, 5 minutes later, in walks Elsa (from Frozen), holding hands with a wannabee James bond. It was a brilliant night, with no trouble and lots of fun vibes; I would like to thank all the customers and associates of O’Neil’s for that.  I would also like to thank the rest of my marketing team for helping to collect and raise awareness for this event, the charity and the people effected. A special thanks must go to Joe McGrath for organising the whole event and charity collection (check out his just giving page for his story and Damo, who came down and collected on his birthday! To be fair I think he was enjoying himself more than he would have done anywhere else, judging by his constant singing and surprisingly trendy dance moves, all with a bucket in his hand. Honourable thankyou’s also go to Heather Bartley for her fundraising assistance and Eamonn Lavin (owner of O’Neill’s) for facilitating this fundraising event.

Raising £2033 in 3 nights from a bucket collection at a small pub in Liverpool just shows how some spare change, with a combination of smaller and slightly larger donations can go such a long way in raising substantial donations for such a great cause that will make such a significant difference in people’s lives.

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